If you have been using a simple collar for your dog, it’s time for an update. Most pet owners believe that collars are enough for pooches for regular walks, but experts suggest otherwise. Harnesses have been around for quite some time now, and you will find some great reasons to replace the current collar. In this post, we have discussed some real reasons to choose a harness for your dog.

Ideal for large dogs

Large dogs have strong muscles, and they have incredible strength too. With a harness, you have better control on the pet, even when the dog has no formal training on walks and behavior. Harnesses are also important for certain smaller breeds of dogs, contrary to what many might think. For example, the eyes of a pug may pop out if you pull the collar too tight. Smaller breeds are susceptible to many injuries, and with a harness, you can reduce the pressure on the neck.

Avoid choking

Regardless of the breed, dogs do choke on the collar from time to time. Some dogs are just hyperactive, and they will run behind everything that moves. With a good harness, you can spread the pressure on the back, and thereby, the chances of choking are limited. You will find harnesses that attach on the chest, so the pressure is even lesser. You can check the No-Pull Dog Harness Review to know why it’s among the best harnesses for larger breeds.

Avoid unnecessary knots and tangling

Dogs jump, run and do all sorts of things with leases, and in a rare mishap, he might get wrapped in his own leash, which can cause an injury. Also, collars are hard to control, so if the dog starts running behind something, the person walking the animal can trip and fall, because of limited control. Harnesses don’t tangle, and as a pet owner, you will have complete authority to pull the leash, as and when required.

Great for training

Finally, harnesses are great for training. Most trainers, especially who train large dogs, like to use harnesses to have a better control on the animal. Once your dog starts walking with the harness on, he will be much well-behaved on the leash, as well.

Make sure that you check your dog’s size before buying the first harness, and do not fasten the harness tight, or else your pet have an issue with the range of motion.


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