Because of the elevated competition and also the constant jostle for face time with key decision makers, there are lots of challenges that sales and marketing teams face on a day-to-day basis however the two that stick out are relationship building and being surface of mind. While interpersonal skills and also the content play a huge role in fostering the previous, for that latter Corporate Gifting became one from the key tools within the last decade approximately. And here too it is a race to become innovative and various while being relevant. Contributing to the confusion is always that there’s a skinny line dividing what is really a gift and just what could be considered a bribe!

Should you leaf with the code of conduct which each and every worker employed in the brand new age corporation needs to sign, there is also a definitive paragraph around the do’s & don’ts from the Corporate Gifting policy. In a few of the more ethically inclined companies there’s a blanket ban on receiving and providing gifts, but many others do give some leeway within defined parameters. Some large multi-national companies focus on pre-defined budgets according to organisational hierarchy while some possess a one-budget-for-all policy. But such documents exist only in professionally structured and run organisations. In lots of medium and small companies the end result from the debate onto gift v/s bribe completely rests around the owner/managements ethical orientation.

Getting entered the hurdle from the moral/ethical dilemma the first is faced using the choice and also the cost from the gift. Knowing through the Google results on ‘corporate gifts’ it’s possible to easily think that the pen and also the key-chain sets as well as their likes are the most searched for after gifts. However for a discerning couple of, corporate silver gifts appear to become a growing trend. From table tops to non-public gifts like pens and key-chains to divinity gifts there are lots of choices available. Silver while as being a rare metal, also offers a particular elegance and finesse mounted on it. Corporate silver gifts like visiting card holders, pen stands, picture frames, social bookmarks etc. are most generally gifted products. Divinity gifts, religious insignias, traditional and designer Diya’s for Diwali are more and more becoming an element of the listing of products to select from for corporate silver gifts.

In India Diwali, like Christmas in the western world, is just about the special day for corporate gifting. The festival, within the last decade approximately, has all of a sudden exploded because the gifting event of the season and thus has the option of corporate silver gifts due to the auspicious nature from the occasion and also the relevance of silver within. So expect when you have a silver gift this Diwali, though you might want to switch using that code of conduct that you simply never read, simply to be safe and sound! The growing trend within this segment of jewelry would be to designing and producing hallmarked silver items that possess a distinct identity, which is appreciated and valued by discerning consumers around the globe.

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