Toys are an answered prayer for kids. If you want to carve a smile on their face, just surprise them with a cute baby doll or a push along toy and you’ll get what you want. And now that you want to shop for some cool toy items, don’t miss this out!

Why Buy Toys?

By giving your kids amazing toys from Step2 Direct, you can make their playtime a memorable experience while helping them to acquire learning. The important facts they have learned through playing are essential as they grow old.  Keep in mind successful person is a product of a solid childhood foundation.

Toy Buying Guidelines


Giving toys to children should depend on their gender. If the child is female, you should let her play with the toys that are suitable for them. Typically, little girls prefer to play tea parties with fashionable dress attires. A trusted toy store in Australia can provide playing the best boys’ and girls’ toys that your kids can enjoy in their entire playing hours.

For Infants

Despite of their age, infants are already aware of the things that their senses can perceive. Typically, the best playing toys for them are:


Normally, infants are under the age of 0 to 2 years. One of the most active senses of them is the sense of touch. This toy can help them to distinguish hard objects from soft objects.


Infants have already good auditory senses. This is being used by most mothers in stopping their child from crying. Babies diver their attention on sounds that they hear every time they cry.

Musical Toys

The same with rattles, infants love to hear harmonious and melodic sound from the Musical Toy being played. It is a fact that lullabies make the baby to sleep. The moment you use it on them and they feel asleep you can use it over and over again as sleeping method.

For Little Boys

Mostly, little boys are fond of playing cars, trucks, kids’ playhouse and they usually see on the street. They also love to play with blocks that give them challenges. Boys’ are interested to play with thrilling objects where it helps them to learn in manipulating objects like puzzles. Shop for durable toddler ride on toys only at Step2 Direct for your little boys.

If you want your children to enjoy their playtime stage, you should give them quality toys that will help them boost their interest in playing. The use of each toy is to motivate them to learn while playing. Hence, the choice of the right toys must be highlighted.

Where To Buy?

If you want to buy baby dolls or any other toy items for your little ones, you can visit an all-in-one shop in Australia. The best thing here is that you can purchase your item through online shopping. They have available sites where you can visit and see what their best toys for your kids.

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